My kids and me

Barcelona, Spain, Dec. 2018

Welcome to my semi-professional page.

As I already have mentioned, I am statistician, mother and solo traveller. Those are ruffly speaking, the three things that define me today.


The short version is when it was time to decide what carries I wanted to proceed; honesty I didn't have any clue. My oldest sister said to me: "Why don't you become biostatistician?". I reply: "No way!" but here I am a biostatistician, and I love it.


Yes, I have a son who is 17 years and a daughter who is nine years old. Being a parent has its struggles, but being a part-time mother is a nice compromise, in my opinion. It gives me time to focus on them and time to do the things on my "I-wish-had-more-time" list.

I will surely mention my kids on other occasions. Let me instead talk about my parents and my background. I was born in Chile 1973, daughter to two fighters. As the political situation in Chile got more and more unstable, my parents took the desition to take their tree daughters and leave the country.

My parents

My whole childhood, we lived in Odessa, Ukraine, a beautiful country with amazing people. A county that very much formed who I am today. My mathematics teacher is someone I will never forget. She was a hard woman to please.

This summer, I celebrated 30 years in Sweden. It is crazy how fast time goes. Sweden has given me my kids but also my education. Sweden has many positive characteristics. Sweden opens many doors for greate future opportunities both for me and my childre, and I hope they will be able to use those opportunities wisely.


I am a solo-traveller in my soul. I wish more and more woman did travel by themselves. It teaches you to trust yourself and your djutments, and the reward is the feeling of being free.

Me in Cocora Valley, Colombia
Cocora Valley, Colombia, July 2019

More about all this in other posts ...

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